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Hello and welcome to Haus Olivia German Shepherds!

Robert and I have been in love with some type of 4-legged creature ever since we can remember. Looking back it just seemed natural that they would become a permanent part of our lives in some way or fashion.

Robert grew up on the outskirts of a small farming community in Southern Michigan, where having a 4 legged protector and playmate was a natural part of life, just as a dairy farm has cows.  For myself, it was not so normal, growing up in the suburbs, it was difficult to have a large animal. From what I recall, my dad’s love was the Siberian Husky, and I can only remember having them while we were small children.

After moving back to Germany as an older child I quickly realized the German shepherd was a large part of the countries lifestyle, not only as a police dog, but as a companion to many families.

As fate would have it, Robert and I would meet, he as a young soldier, I as a young woman working for family in Bavaria.  Of all places… we met in the same town my parents had met 21 years earlier!  So… how could we not… we married.

During Roberts 23 year military career he was given the opportunity to return to Germany and of course, we took it!  During our last 2 assignments, we had our sons, yet Robert felt something was still missing.  One day he says to me “the boys need a dog”, “kids and dogs just go together”.  So we began our hunt for the first of many Beautiful German Shepherds we were fortunate enough to have in our lives.  We have been devoted owners ever since!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at the end of your visit, and
Thank you once again for stopping by,

Donna & Robert

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